File Attachments Manager

Sage 100 Contractor File Attachments Manager

– Manage File Attachments in Sage 100 Contractor.

rd_triMoves attachments out of the company data folder to public
and private folder locations, allowing for enhanced security.

rd_triMoves confidential (Employees, Payroll & Ledger Transactions)
attachments to a secure folder location.

rd_triReports can be generated for orphaned attachments and/or
connected links being maintained either inside of Sage 100
Contractor or attachments that have been moved outside the
data folder.

rd_triAlthough “Exclusive” access is required for moving
attachments, reports can be reviewed without exclusive access.

rd_triGlobally change where attachments are stored on your server
and update Sage 100 Contractor with that information (Server
change, Server update, or mapped drive) to accommodate
when servers must be replaced.

To discuss this add on in more detail with a member of the Wright Office team, please email or call our office at (517) 580-3717.