Dawson Clinton General Contractors – San Francisco, CA

“I have worked with Sage 100 Contractor since nearly its inception (since Master Builder 4) and in 25 years, never had I encountered an issue such as the one I encountered in January last month. I had only been working at my new job for a week when the Sage 100 Contractor program seemed to crash.
Over the years, I’ve had my share of problems, and audit errors, but this was nothing like I’d ever encountered. I had my ear pressed to the phone for a solid ten days, talking to one tech support person after another, all of whom tried and failed to correct the issue. Certainly people were able to temporarily fix the problem, but no one was able to discern what was causing the problem which would cause my computer to crash again and again as soon as it was fixed.
I was literally at my wit’s end; there was crying, gnashing of teeth, and my blood pressure shot through the roof. After about a week, I stopped even trying to fix the problem, because it would immediately crash again. I needed to find a solution to fix this problem from reoccurring.
It was then that I was introduced to Gwyl Wright. The first thing I noticed about this extraordinary woman was she had me laughing in about five minutes. And she was so confident that she would find a solution to my problem that for the first time in a week and a half, I found myself beginning to relax.
Within about 30 seconds of taking control of my computer, she located part of the problem. And by the next day, she’d found a second problem and had resolved it.
I was thrilled and relieved knowing someone as skilled as she had control of Sage 100 Contractor reins at last. Not only did she fix my problem when no one else could, she assisted me in getting me back on track quickly, and seemed genuinely concerned about making sure my work wasn’t delayed any further.
Not only is Gwyl skilled and talented, she was a delight to work with. I’m grateful for her hard work and knowledge. I would recommend her to anyone.”