Devier Construction, LLC – Mandeville, LA

“When it comes to knowing Sage 100 Contractor and Construction I immediately think Wright Office Solutions. We have been associated with Gwyl Wright and her super talented staff at Wright Office Solutions for over two years. My initial contact with Gwyl and her team was approximately two and a half years ago.
Devier purchased 100 Contractor in 2001 and was extremely happy with the software and basic support from Sage and the local business partner assigned. Then came the disaster; someone unplugged the server while data was being entered and everything started to get errors. The support team had us change about $5,000 in hardware, re-indexing a few hundred times, reload the software on all machines, reboot, etc… After two weeks I told the sage local business partner I needed someone smarter than them; he said call Gwyl Wright. I called Gwyl on Thursday evening, she told me to make a back-up and send her the data the next morning. She and her team fixed everything over the weekend and we were up and running without errors Monday morning.
Since then we have tapped into Wright Office Solutions deep base of knowledge to upgrade our servers, design special reports and some highly specific and cost effective training. I don’t worry about someone pulling the plug on the server anymore, I know I have a skilled team ready for anything that may go wrong; and after 30 years in construction management utilizing computers and software; I know something will go wrong.
I want to take this time to thank Gwyl and her superior staff and associates for allowing us to be comfortable using Sage 100 Contractor. Our business has tripled in size in the last 3 years and they are and continue to be a big part of our success.
I highly recommend their services to anyone using Sage products. “