WIP Job Closer

Sage 100 Contractor WIP Job Closer

– This program Automates the process of closing WIP jobs to the Income Statement saving hours of analysis time and avoiding entry errors

rd_triEasy to use: WIP Job Closer allows you to quickly choose your posting and filtering parameters and the next screen displays a one line summary per job of GL account totals
along with Open AR balance, cost breakdown by cost type and net profit.

rd_triFilter by job status and job type.

rd_triSimplified Analysis: No need to run multiple reports to determine the
above summary.

-Choose from multiple Direct Expense and Income accounts.
-Checkboxes next to each job allow you to select/deselect jobs to
be included in the closing entry. Displayed grand totals change in
response to checkmarks.

rd_triHandles multiple WIP accounts.

rd_triExports the analysis to an Excel spreadsheet and attaches to journal
entry recorded.

rd_triAutomatically posts the closing journal entry, changes the job status to
“Closed” and unchecks the “WIP” checkbox on the job record.

rd_triOvercomes potential WIP verification issues because you don’t have to
turn this off to post a manual entry.

To discuss this add on in more detail with a member of the Wright Office team, please email sales@wrightoffice.com or call our office at (517) 580-3717.